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Bombai Platter

  1. 1 doz x Sev Puri – mini puri’s topped with spiced potato, sev, etc.
  2. 1 doz x cocktail Haji Ali sandwiches
  3. 1 doz x Puri patha

Breakfast Platter Option 1 : Sweet side

Decadent breakfast /brunch platter that serves 4-ppl. Includes the following :
  • Crepes with side Nutella jar
  • Fresh butter scones with strawberry compote jar and mini butter
  • Crumpets and side cream
  • Belgian choc biscotti
  • Assorted cut up summer fruit box
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Wooden cutlery

Breakfast Platter Option 2 : Breakfast Bliss

Sumptuous platter of breakfast sweet and savoury bites with optional addition of fresh fruit mocktail : serves 4-6 Includes the following :
  • Crumpets x 8 with side Nutella and golden syrup
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Assorted cut up seasonal fruit tray
  • Petite Croissant sandwich filled with mozzarella cheese , basil pesto , roasted rosa tomatoes , rocket etc. x 4
  • Cocktail savory wraps filled with pesto chicken, coleslaw, cheese etc., or veg falafel wrap x 8.

Chicken canape platter

  • 1 doz x crumbed chicken strips with sweet chilli dip.
  • 1 doz x chicken, feta and peppadew bruschetta’s with basil mayo.
  • 10 x cocktail pitas with creamy jalapeno chicken filling.

Dessert and confectionery fruit platter for 10 (Seasonal fruit)

grapes, seasonal melon, strawberries, pineapple, orange segments – garnished with mint and edible flower. Mango, watermelon, etc. included when available in season.

Dessert and confectionery platter 1

1 doz Belgian brownies topped with ganache and gold choc pearls, 1 doz eclair puffs filled with whipped cream, 1 doz pavlova nests with Chantilly cream and berry topping

Dessert and confectionery platters 2

1 doz creamy baked vanilla bean petite cheesecakes with mint and cream topping, 1 doz sugared drop donut, 18 x chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

Gourmet Chicken Platter

10 x chicken slider burgers 6 x cocktail chicken bagel (halved) 16 x Cocktail chicken wrap

Indian Platter: (veg or chicken) with savoury dip

  • 1 doz x Samoosas
  • 1 doz x Moons
  • 1 doz x Spring rolls
  • 1 doz x Pies

Junior Platter

  • 8 x Mini Margarita Pizza
  • 8 x Mini Chicken Subs
  • 8 x Mini Burgers (lamb or beef patties)

Mezze Dip Platter for 10

An assortment of 4 dips (hummus, guacamole, tzatziki, and baked peppadew basil cream cheese) with herb feta and olives, including breadsticks, crackers, and toasted pitas.

Savoury Pastry platter

  • 10 x puff pastry vol au vent with a red chicken filling.
  • 10 x Mediterranean pop tarts – with roasted butternut, jalapeno pesto, olives, etc.
  • 10 x mini steak cup pies.