Thirst Quenchers

Sold in batches of approx. 2 litres. which serves approx. 12 entrance glasses or 8 full glasses.

Glass garnishes such as fruit, edible flowers sugared glasses and glass hire is at separate cost.

We do assist in the hire of flute glasses, glass carafe jugs, etc.

  • Zesty mint lemonade – made with fresh lemons, zest and mint(no fizzy drink incl.)
  • Strawberry mint lemonade – made with fresh strawberries , mint, lemons etc.
  • Strawberry & pine punch
  • Strawberry daiquiri with lemonade fizz – made with lots of fresh strawberry.
  • Pina colada – creamy coconut pine flavours.
  • Pineapple , passionfruit and citrus mocktail.
  • Melon & mint mocktail.
  • Blue lagoon mocktail – curaoco syrup, lemon, ginger, and mint flavour with lemonade fizz.
  • Mango Lassi – creamy mango mocktail.
  • Vanilla Lassi
  • Bombay Crush

 Seasonal mocktails: from.

  • Mango and mint sangria – made with fresh mangos and mint etc.
  • Litchi and mint fizz.
  • Watermelon mint breeze

Fresh pulp juices:

  • 5 OR 2 litre quantities Available in assorted flavours , such as strawberry , guava , orange, cranberry , apple fruit cocktail etc. enquire for price.

Exotic Tea:

  • Karak tea: cardamon flavour brewed karak tea.
  • Kashmiri pink chai: brewed and served with rose petal, pistachio, almonds, etc.

Mobile Drinks


Mocktails or Ice drinks freshly blended at your event:

  • Ice Coffees
  • Ice Bar One Chocolate
  • Freshly blended mocktails (any from selection above)


Hot drinks freshly brewed at your event:

  • Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • Badam Milk Bombs
  • Regular Coffee/Tea
  • Karak tea and khasmiri Tea – served in Turkish glasses with garnishes

Frozen Sorbet Palette Cleansers

Can be ordered for take away in dry ice boxes, also available for events as palette cleansers between courses.

  • Watermelon Mint sorbet
  • Sweet melon Mint Lime Sorbet
  • Berry Sorbet
  • Sponspeck Pine Sorbet

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